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Welcome to Fraport Facility Services!
We are happy to have the opportunity to present to you our company with perspective and our services with clarity. Get to know us. Learn to understand how we see services. We are ready for your order.

Fraport Facility Services as a service partner

We are your experts for professional services and your partner to ensure that the values of your company remain visible. With detailed planning and organization, efficient logistics and the highest possible level of performance efficiency, we give you and your customers a feeling of greater safety and comfort. Our quality managers ensure the ongoing monitoring and optimization of our cleaning and service processes. We are here for you when you need support: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Team

Meet the team

Here we regularly present profiles of the people who make up the Fraport Facility Services  team.

We employ around 700 people who provide cleaning and logistics services for over 360 customers. We are your partners for gleaming results.

One team, a lot of responsibility

Fraport Facility Services' clear company structure ensures profitability, customer satisfaction and growth opportunities. The quality management team is one of the most important pillars of the company in this regard.

Social Competence

Training and Development

We offer a range of training and development opportunities. It is possible for anyone to follow their path with us, everyone gets an opportunity to develop with us – both personally and professionally.

With a master tradesman in the building cleaning trade, better career perspectives are opened up with us. You can, for example, take up engineering studies at a university of applied sciences in business engineering with a specialization in cleaning and hygiene management/technology.

With the successfully completed exam as a building cleaner, further qualifications are also possible with us which offer an assistant, in addition to greater responsibility, also higher income categories.

With us, a tested cleaning specialist gains expert knowledge on the surfaces that have to be cleaned. She can select the most suitable treatment material as well as the ideal cleaning process and learns how to use our special cleaning machines.

With social services such as health checks, job tickets for the trip to work and German language lessons for international colleagues, we promote a sense of belonging and strengthen the social framework in our company.

Topics such as health, nutrition and exercise form an important pillar of this program. We are convinced that the balance between promotion, performance incentives and social responsibility are the keys to a successful team.


We are actively committed to our corporate responsibility for the environment and would like to make our internal procedures as well as our services in all areas more environmentally friendly and also make an active contribution to environmental protection in the workplace. We therefore motivate our employees to ensure the sustainable protection of the environment.

In 2016, the decision was taken at Fraport Facility Services to introduce an environmental management system. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fraport AG and a provider for infrastructural and technical services, we have joined the group of companies so that together we can achieve the environmental targets of the group.  

The fulfillment of legal requirements and conditions is a matter of course for us. The burdens for the environment are consistently reduced through the actions that we take. We achieve this by increasing awareness among our employees in our comprehensive instructions and trainings on the topics of work and environmental protection. We try to arouse the interest of our customers in resource conservation and propose already in our sales concepts the separation of waste and advise our clients with a focus on an efficient execution of our services.

We pay attention to the use of premium quality and environmentally compatible cleaning materials and are certified in accordance with the system for quality measurement DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. This process is consistently applied in all areas – both during and after the cleaning: Across the entire value chain our environmental approach begins already in procurement. We always check for environmentally friendly alternatives in the use of chemicals and coordinate this with our customers.

Fraport Facility Services is a growth-oriented company. This secures the future of our employees and our company. We want to take advantage of opportunities that the market presents to us and, to this end, expand the services portfolio in our group and acquire additional customers at the airport and beyond. Our objective is to improve the economic feasibility and to work in a cost-optimized manner. We manage this with more quality, modern, environmentally compatible equipment and ergonomically optimized working tools.

Fraport Facility Services is a master enterprise that is certified in accordance with the following standards:

With the certification, we guarantee you that our comprehensive services are provided in compliance with strict quality criteria. To monitor this and manage it we conduct a quality control after each special cleaning through a building cleaning master on the basis of pre-determined standards that are precisely defined in advance with the customer for each service that is provided. You can thus be certain that all cleaning services carried out by Fraport Facility Services fulfill to 100% the highest standards.


History is always closely connected to experience. Fraport Facility Services is a young company that is making its way forward through consistent operations, ongoing further development and an orientation toward growth. A successful story that we continue to tell.


The Beginning

The founding of the company under the ownership of Fraport AG with 40%, Airport Service Gesellschaft, Gegenbauer Gebäudeservice GmbH with 15% and Piepenbrock Unternehmensgruppe GmbH & Co. KG with 15%.


Getting started

GCS assumes the cleaning contract at the Frankfurt/Main Airport from what had previously been four service providers. Employees of the predecessor companies are taken over and brought together under the umbrella of GCS. The number of employees thus expands to 480.


Two-time contract extension

Trust and performance pay off: The Frankfurt/Main Airport twice extends the contract for cleaning services with GCS.


Fraport takes over

Fraport AG becomes the sole owner of GCS. As a result of the takeover, the entire cleaning volume is concentrated with one company. The economic feasibility of GCS is thus further strengthened.


Growth accelerated

The company now employs more than 650 people. The number of customers grows to 360 and covers several industries: 1 airport operator, 8 larger real-estate operators, 70 airlines, 100 retail and catering concessionaires and many more.


New face for GCS

The company shines in its new outfit. Logo, colours, Internet – a strong and modern appearance ensures the continuation of the success story!


Grund zum Strahlen: wir sind 20!

Die GCS feiert mit einem großen Event ihr Jubiläum: Umfassendes Know-how, moderner Maschinenpark, treue Kundschaft und natürlich der engagierte Einsatz aller Mitarbeiter bilden die Basis für 20 Jahre sauber geleistete Arbeit – heute und für die Zukunft!