Get to know us better!

GCS owes its success to its employees. Their commitment and attention to detail are key to the brilliant results we deliver for customers. As a multicultural company, we are proud to have so many different nationalities (currently around 44) working at Fraport Facility Services. In this section, we regularly present profiles of our employees so that you can get to know them better.

Our Team

Eva Hoppmann

Quality and environmental management specialist, coordination manager for occupational health and safety

Ana Filipovic

Workplace: Terminal 1

Katrin Bozenhard

Administrator in commercial operative support & purchasing

Ali Kaya

Team leader CargoCity South, Apron and West

Frank Keiler

Foreman for the sanitary technical service division with responsibilities across the entire airport.

Thomas Brunner

Glass washer for third-party customers in the terminals and across the airport grounds.