Thomas Brunner

Glass washer for third-party customers in the terminals and across the airport grounds.

Note: Hygienic masks were removed for photos.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Every day is different at the airport, there is always something going on. My job brings a lot of variety, there are lots of different tasks for which I need to find solutions.

How long have you been working at GCS?
I have been at Frankfurt Airport for 30 years and know almost every nook and cranny here. I’ve been part of the GCS team now for six years.

What is your favorite food?
When it comes to food, I prefer traditional German dishes like pot roast with dumplings.

Do you have family and children?
Yes, both. My wife and two daughters give me so much support.

What is one thing that is never missing in your fridge?
I am a chocolate person. There is nothing I enjoy more after work than a delicious chocolate pudding.

What language would you like to be able to speak and why?
I know a few words of Spanish, but there is room for improvement. I just really like the language and I love going on vacation to Spanish-speaking countries.