CMS Trade Fair in Berlin

The Cleaning, Management, Services (CMS) trade fair took place in Berlin from September 19 to September 22, 2017. The exhibition for cleaning systems, building management and services offers a perfect communications platform for new contacts, business potential and an opportunity for image promotion in the international cleaning market. Providers from throughout the world come together here to present a broad spectrum of products, systems and processes.   As a modern company, GCS is very interested in learning about the latest developments and innovations in the cleaning industry. We thus ensure that our customer services are completely up-to-date and our employees can always work with modern equipment. GCS was therefore present at the trade fair with an appropriately strong team: from left to right: Ibrahim Haydar, André Dias Pires, Geschäftsführerin Petra Rossbrey, Stefan Stoppel, Recep Sahin.